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Greek salad - a simple classic recipe + 5 new options

  1. Greek salad - a classic step-by-step recipe (with photos) from the very real chef of Greece. Cooking secrets
  2. Traditional Greek Salad Recipe
  3. Ingredients
  4. Cooking
  5. Greek salad recipe with Chinese cabbage
  6. Greek salad with crackers and chicken (classic recipe)
  7. Greek salad with feta cheese or feta instead of feta cheese, like in a restaurant
  8. The best dressing (sauce) for Greek salad
  9. Video: Greek salad is a simple classic cooking recipe and its delicious dressing.

My dear lovers of tasty, simple and unusual, today I will tell you which salad is the easiest and fastest to prepare, besides, you need a minimum of cheap products. We will talk about the dish already popular among Russians at the festival and on New Year's Eve - Greek salad according to the classic usual recipe. My dear lovers of tasty, simple and unusual, today I will tell you which salad is the easiest and fastest to prepare, besides, you need a minimum of cheap products

Greek salad - a classic recipe

Such a healthy and light (low-calorie) dish is cooked quickly. And many already know the real classic Greek salad recipe - it is simple and piquant on the other hand due to the feta cheese (Fetaxa, Brynza) present in its composition.

And now you will see a completely different, unusual “Greek” and its 5 step-by-step recipes.

  1. Greek salad classic step-by-step recipe, like the Greeks
  2. With cabbage
  3. With croutons, chicken and tomatoes
  4. Greek salad with feta cheese, like in a restaurant
  5. Traditional Dressing (sauce)
  6. Video

Greek salad - a classic step-by-step recipe (with photos) from the very real chef of Greece. Cooking secrets

Many people, traveling, love not only to learn exotic flora and fauna, to get acquainted with the history of the country, but also to learn its culinary secrets.

And now you can travel not only physically, getting on a train, car or plane, but also virtually. And thanks to the appearance in many cities of many world-class restaurants, you can enjoy overseas dishes without even leaving your home, but simply placing an order by phone.

All this is wonderful, but sometimes you want to master the preparation of your favorite dishes in order to enjoy them at any time. Along with the traditional Russians Russian salad "," Herring under a fur coat "And" Mimosa ", With French" Caesar “And with Italian pizza, Japanese sushi, French sauces, our people are very fond of some of the Greek cuisine, the most popular representative of which was the Greek salad.

Surely this dish is familiar to many: it is prepared not only in restaurants and cafes, but also served to the table in many houses. Another thing is that it does not always have the same appearance and taste.

As for the "appearance", there are really different options for serving and decorating, but the taste of this salad is a matter of principle. To match the one enjoyed by the real Greeks, you need to be aware of all the secrets of its preparation and use only those ingredients that are in the original recipe, without any initiative in the form of boiled potatoes or eggs.

Yes, with them the dish will turn out more satisfying, but it will not be a Greek salad.

Traditional Greek Salad Recipe

Traditional Greek Salad Recipe

Cooking a Greek salad is very simple. If you are already familiar with it, you probably noticed that all its ingredients are cut quite large, which further simplifies the task.

As a rule, these are large cubes, but if you want the salad to turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful, you can experiment with the forms.


You will need 8 servings:

  • leaf salad,
  • cucumbers - 3,
  • tomatoes - 6,
  • onions - 1,
  • sweet pepper - 1,
  • greens (preferably basil),
  • olives (200 gram jars enough),
  • lemon juice
  • and, most importantly, good olive oil,
  • and feta cheese (grams 200-250).

"Feta" - This is sheep or goat cheese, something resembling the familiar cheese to all of us. In addition, for the preparation of Greek salad is a good idea to use dried herb "oregano", which will give it a savory taste. In the dressing is allowed to put a little chopped garlic.


First preparing refueling.

It consists of a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice (or balsamic vinegar), which can be slightly salted, pepper, add garlic and oregano.

Sliced ​​vegetables are placed in a salad bowl on top of whole leaves of leaf lettuce, decorated with olives and coarsely chopped greens and poured with dressing.

Then, on top of all this multicolored splendor, feta cheese is chopped into large cubes.

Everything, nothing more to put in a Greek salad. Believe me, any other products will be simply superfluous here.

For those who like to see everything with their own eyes (I mean cooking), here is a video recipe for you.

We were lucky and our Greek cook from a restaurant in Greece is now sharing his recipe for a real classic Greek salad.

Enjoy your meal!

And do not dwell on the traditions - experiment and look further - how to supplement the usual classics with various additives. And it turns out even very personal!

Greek salad recipe with Chinese cabbage

Greek salad recipe with Chinese cabbage

A variant of our today's dish with Chinese cabbage. What are we doing? Instead of lettuce leaves, we take cabbage, and specifically Peking, since it is juicy and strong, with its “delicate crunching”.

That's all the girls and boys, everything else on the availability of food and the cooking process is given above. I think it makes no sense to repeat (just go up to the classic recipe).

And if it is unbearable - here's a brief one:

Prepare the dressing: oil, lemon juice, chopped garlic, herbs, salt and pepper mix in a separate bowl.

Cabbage should be cut into strips, but not very fine.

Cheese "Feta" (if this is not and was not found, amiss - "cheese" or "Fetax") cut into large cubes. You can add it to the dressing, so that it becomes like “speckled” (it is more interesting because) or you can put it on top of all the ingredients.

We take the washed vegetables cucumbers and tomatoes. Shred them as well as cheese.

After onion and sweet pepper cut into half rings.

We combine all this “richness of taste” into a common deep plate (do not forget about olives) and mix (just slightly move).

Friends, our Greek salad with Chinese cabbage is ready! Go ahead for the “biggest spoon”!

And to view:

Greek salad with crackers and chicken (classic recipe)

Greek salad with crackers and chicken (classic recipe)

Rusks and Chicken - Doesn't It Remind You? "Caesar"? Yes, something similar. This time we’ll add just a couple of things to our culinary creation: crackers and chicken meat. Such a salad is no longer completely dietary and light - it is already gaining weight.

With this method of cooking, as with any other, you can not mix all the products, but give the guests the opportunity to do it. By the way, look at the composition and its number above (scroll up or click: Ingredients ).

Crackers or buy in the store, or cook yourself. Take plain white bread - a couple of slices from a loaf. Get rid of the crusts and cut into cubes. Fry in a skillet with butter to lightly browned.

Boil chicken (chicken fillet), cool and cubes.

The turn of our vegetables came up - we act with them, as in previous recipes - we prepare squares, stripes and halves.

Put the leaves on the dish, on top of the tomatoes and cucumbers, onions, peppers, olives and cheese, and the most recent - scatter the fried croutons. Salt, spices and herbs to taste.

Greek salad with feta cheese or feta instead of feta cheese, like in a restaurant

Greek salad with feta cheese or feta instead of feta cheese, like in a restaurant

It's okay if “Feta” is replaced with “Cheese” - both of them have their own specific salty flavor, which gives the dish a pronounced piquancy. Such a light meal is just a treasure for those who preserve their figure and care about their health!

As you have already noticed, if you read the article from the very beginning, the classic recipe for Greek salad and its foundation remains unchanged. Only some ingredients are changed and added. First, instead of lettuce leaves, we used Peking cabbage, then we updated it by adding chicken and crackers. And now the time has come to diversify the main product of the dish - cheese.

The rest: the composition and method of preparation will be the same. Nearly…

The foundation:

  • Fresh tomatoes (Cherry will do) - 4-5 stuff,
  • cucumbers (it is better that from the bed, if not, then cut off the bitter skin) - 2-3 pcs.,
  • olives (seedless, olives are also suitable) - 1 can,
  • green lettuce leaves (or cabbage),
  • Bulgarian sweet pepper (can be two different colors: orange and red),
  • White Cheese (fetax) - 100-150 grams,
  • Onions (preferably red, if ordinary onions, before you lay out, pour it with boiling water) - one bulb is enough.

For dressing (sauce):

  • lemon (its juice),
  • olive oil (again, the most excellent),
  • garlic clove,
  • a mixture of herbs (there is a ready-made set, and is called "Greek" or oregano),
  • salt, pepper and a little bit of sugar.

Let's start cooking:

As always, first of all we start with the sauce - all spices and spices are combined with butter in a separate small container. Give insist - set aside.

Wash vegetables and cut into medium pieces. Onions and peppers - stripes. If you use cabbage, also strips.

Caution with feta cheese, it may be too soft and tender, divide it into the same squares.

Caution with feta cheese, it may be too soft and tender, divide it into the same squares

Now we put everything together (special attention: do not mix!). We make individual portions, pour infused sauce. If desired, decorate with greens (with mint special flavor). We are inviting guests!

The best dressing (sauce) for Greek salad

Have you ever met any salad without sauce? Refueling should be! A dry dish is not the best option!

The classic recipe for Greek salad dressing is to use ordinary products for Greeks (mandatory):

  • flawless olive oil - 100 ml.,
  • lemon juice - a tablespoon,
  • dry crushed fragrant herbs of oregano,
  • ground pepper and salt to taste.


Take a bowl of medium size (fit a wide glass). Pour in oil and lemon juice. Add herbs and spices. Mix thoroughly until complete dissolution of the salt. Leave the "walk" for 10-20 minutes. In general, while you are preparing the foundation.

Secrets of the best sauce:

  1. To have a sweetish taste, apple cider vinegar should be used instead of lemon, with sugar (cane).
  2. If you add melted garlic - the dish will get an acrid taste and spicy aroma.
  3. Adding melted honey and soy sauce - the Greek salad becomes sweet and salty and unique.
  4. For lovers of thick dressing, yogurt or mayonnaise is added to the recipe.
  5. And do not forget about the freshness of products.

“There are no comrades to taste and color,” so you can always improvise and make your own special sauce.

Video cooking refills:

Video: Greek salad is a simple classic cooking recipe and its delicious dressing.

As you can see, my dear gourmets, lovers of tasty, new and unusual, there is nothing complicated and not possible in cooking. This science requires one thing - bright fantasy and correct alternation.

And today's masterpiece: Classic Greek Salad, plus 5 excellent step-by-step recipes, proved our exact and correct direction - “Cook tasty and even tastier”! Until new meetings.

Be sure to share with those who still do not know about the existence of such a simple and fresh dish. We will be grateful for the repost in social networks. Thank.

What are we doing?


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